Coolhand are a contempoary blues/rock band founded by Luke Bradshaw and Darren Edwards. Their debut self titled album ‘Coolhand’ comprises of twelve original songs/compositions written by Bradshaw and Edwards. The album also includes co writing credits from Gareth Kedward (Virtual Life, Summertime Shuffle, Dead Man’s Hand, Looking Back) and Alle Pearse (Hardly The Time). 

The album was simultaneously written and recorded in Luke's private studio with Darren taking vocal duties and Luke not only playing/recording all guitar parts but also a number of the other instruments too. In addition Luke also engineered and produced the album. 

Coolhand’s debut album was released in 2014 and received rave reviews from critics and the public alike and even peaked at number 15 in the IBBA monthly chart (one position below the late, great BB King the month of his death). 

‘Coolhand - Live at The Globe’ was recorded on the 4th July 2015 at a sold out show in The Globe, a renowned music venue in Cardiff South Wales. As well as including live versions of all songs from their debut studio album, ‘Live at The Globe’ also included three previously unreleased songs (Just a Man, Ode to Law and She’s Hot). 

'Coolhand Live at The Globe' was released in 2016 and once again received rave reviews from critics and the public alike. 

Coolhand's latest single 'Peace Of Mind' was released in November 2020 and was included in their live stream performance 'Live In Lockdown'. Coolhand are currently recording their next studio album which will be ready for release in the not too distant future.

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